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Tourism Chart

" In our Center of Rural Tourism, Leisure and Adventure, we have a type of tourism prepared for every person, it forms a of leisure adapted to every personality, to every worry; a tourism à la carte, and simultaneously, a tourism for the whole world; for the family, for the group of friends and friends, for the pair, for the farewells, for the students, for the executives, for the workers, for not so hard-working, for the small companies, for the adventurer, for the big companies, for the one that he likes to cover, for that he likes to discover and to know a territory, his people, his customs, his history. In Turisnat we love our Pallars, our river Walnut-tree Pallaresa, our Collegats's mountains, our Parks; and we want that you love it also.

Of what way? With TURISNAT's T.P.I. Going down in Rafting for the river, doing hiking for charming and magic places, using the BTT for incomparable landscapes, visiting yesterday museums and today..., and thousand and one possibilities that we have in our Pallars.

We have a type of tourism for every person, for every way of understanding it and overcoat of enjoying it …Check it, choosing Turisnat will be your better choice "



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