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Pack hen / Stag party


Just a few days left before the great event.after many excuses and stories nobody believes you anymore, there is no way out. YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!And a good wedding starts with an original and different party. If you want a well-organized hen/stag party far from the typical ones, you have to come to TURISNAT. We offer you the most complete and funniest package that any bride or groom dreams sharing with their friends on that day. Adventure, good laughs, local cuisine, eroticism, country holidays. the right amount of everything in a healthy and excellent combination. Check it out and contact us for information about our offers for brides and grooms!!! Pack includes:


  • 1 Lodging Night in Sort
  • Saturday Dinner at a Typical Restaurant
  • To choose activity between: RAFTING EXPERIENCE or CANYONING

Price per person: 99 €

The price includes:

  • Guaranteed security and professionalism by TURISNAT PIRINEUS
  • Complete detailed package
  • Instructors and accredited certified guides, EU approved material and insurance for RC and Accidents
  • Individualized customer service, family environment
  • TURISNAT PIRINEUS reserves the right to modify the order of activities or change them for our clients' safety
  • Minimum group size: 20 pax (if less, please check other options)
  • Before leaving, please check the basic equipment needed
  • It is compulsory to know how to swim for water activities


Choose a direction, I will help you don't get lost.