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No Crisis Pack


  • 1 night Country Accommodation in "Borda de Ritort"
  • Typical Catalan Breakfast includes
  • Dinner at Restaurant includes
  • To choose activity between: Rafting Experience or Canyoning
Price per person 90 €

The price includes:


  • TURISNAT SORT warranty over safety and professionalism
  • Accredited instructors, EU approved material and insurance for RC and Accidents
  • Individualized customer service and family environment
  • TURISNAT PIRINEUS reserves the right to modify the order of activities or change them to secure our clients
  • Basic equipment needed: swimming suits, towels, sports clothes and shoes
  • Minimum group size: 4 passengers or option to join other groups
  • Swimming skills are mandatory when participating in water activities
  • Offer Extra- Night: 23 Euros/person
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