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Info and Booking

Info and Booking

Telephone: +34 973 62 10 08
Mobile Phone or Whatsapp Message: +34 616 603 849

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Address: C/ Dr. Agustí Muxi, 6  - 25560 Sort (LLEIDA)

Touristic Resort

TURISNAT SORT - Mountain Resort 
Passeig de les Vernedes, s/n - 25560 Sort (LLEIDA)
Tel: 0034 973 62 10 08 - Mobile: 0034 616 603 849

Booking procedures

In line with our policy of information and practicality, following is a description of our reservation and payment conditions:

  1. Reservation procedures for Private Individuals
    1. 25% bank transfer upon reservation
    2. Balance due upon arrival at premises
  1. Reservation procedures for Associations
    1. 25% bank transfer upon reservation
    2. Balance due 7 days prior to group or individual arrival
  1. Reservation procedures for Groups (over 20 people)
    1. 25% bank transfer upon reservation
    2. Please consult us regarding payment options for balance


  • TURISNAT SORT reserves the right to modify the activities when the client safety is at risk or for service improvement or weather reasons.
  • Swimming skills are mandatory when participating in water activities.
  • Please check with us regarding basic equipment before leaving on an activity.
  • Minor of age participants will be required to deliver a signed parental authorization to participate in adventure and leisure activities.
  • We will guide you through plane, bus or train itineraries to reach us from anywhere in Spain (please ask for information)
  • School groups will be asked to use their own bus transportation system to any activity (please consult us for options)
  • We orientate his transport in plane, bus or train from any point of origin.


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