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Innovation, motivation, integration...; are basic concepts for strategy that we use to improve worker-company relationship & client-company relationship.
But this efficiency in feeling for company isn't an easy precess to do, consequently, it's important to make it easy with no diary actions that help us to reach a result, but not only a good result, if not, optimist; & all that, for of diary meetings, so much routine, that inside them, we majority, only are looking watch wishing that it's finished.

Is for that reasons that, Turisnat Pirineus (leisure, rural & adventure Tourism Center), put on national & international companies hands; the best technical & human facilities, to reach that through a different way to understand the work, human resources or company clients of companies integrate themselves with culture or products of that


Our method of working is simple to make easy good working of outdoor Training. In the moment that a company ask us for information, we have contact with their Human Resources Department, Marketing or Publicity (it depends on the aim of these travels) & respecting limits of aims you want to reach, our professional team starts to working to adapt program at wisher & budget of that company.

Once we've established program & aims, we complete all this with our facilities & leisure or adventure activities that we'll make in the area would be ideal support by companies actions.

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But all this process hasn't got any meaning, if we don't have our current facilities or environment.
Development of these kind of leavings or travels (as weeks as weekends) are organized in most beautiful region of Lleida Pyrenees, "Pallars" (on the bottom of National Park of "Aigüestortes" & next to Noguera Pallaresa river), & all this is used for us to offering all kind of comfort & services (rural lodgings, hotels, convention saloons, recreational-sportive areas,...) but at the same time keeping quiteness & peace that only these spots, Nature can offer us possibility of doing leisure or adventure activities as a complement of aims established.

Our guarantee

Ifinite possibilities, incredible environment & our team offers professionality & security because organization, supervision & development of company actions being a success.

Don't doubt more, your aims are our results !!


Friends Companies


The most important for us is our commitment to our clients: we want to fulfill all of our clients' expectations. That is the reason why we edit a list of the main companies who close us (from the smallest companies to the largest multinationals, all of them as important to us).

  1. Canon Españacartasalvat2.gif
  2. France Telecom
  3. Catalana Occidente
  4. Nike España
  5. Mapfre Seguros
  6. Marca – Diari Esportiu
  7. Sport – Diari Esportiu
  8. Cuatrecasas Abogados
  9. MCM Consulting
  10. BDO Audiberia
  11. Polar
  12. Mapfre Industrial
  13. Editorial Salvat
  14. Amena
  15. Nord Cargo
  16. Campus Club Joventut de Badalona
  17. Congrés STAC
  18. Laboratoris Dr. Esteve
  19. Campus Club Basket Tremp




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