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About us

365 days of emotion and adventure

TURISNAT PIRINEUS RESORT (Pallars Aventura) is a tourist company located in Sort (Pyrenees of Lleida) founded in 1986 by canoe and kayak white-water and mountain professionals, with 20 years of experience, perfectly knowledgeable of the environment. It was the first company to introduce adventure sports into Spain, in the form of business dedicated to tourist activity and to develop an, until then, non-existing market. Today, this market is consolidated and exported to the rest of the State.


Our years of experience have enabled us to build and implement, customized, updated and constantly renewed form of working, providing quality service, professionalism and safety, as will acknowledge our clients.

TURISNAT PIRINEUS RESORT is aware of the importance of the environment and the role it plays in the territory sustainability. This is why we like to offer environmental and cultural workshops to enhance awareness for Mother Nature, and individual subsistence.


Turisnat Pirineus Resort is located in Sort, capital of the Pallars Sobirà region (Pyrenees of Lleida), European center for all adventure sports, providing medical emergency services, Red Cross, etc., as well as all types of shops and services.

Turisnat Pirineus Resort is equipped with modern facilities all located in beautiful Pyrenees Valley of Les Vernedes across which runs the Noguera Pallaresa River and amid which stands out our country accommodation "la Borda de Ritort".
All of our equipment is EU approved, our instructors are certified and fully experienced as well as multilingual.

Our office professionals manage the resort in such manner as for our vacationers to spend memorable leisure times and experience adventure, whether visiting for a weekend or on holiday.

  • Turisnat Pirineus Resort: company legalized by La Generalitat de Catalunya registered in the Registro General de Empresas y Actividades Turísticas de Cataluña, under num. A00003-L. A member of T.A.E (Spain's Active Tourism) and of T.A.C. (Catalonia's Active Tourism).
  • We guarantee safety and professionalism in:
                      • Days, weekends and weeks for the general public;
                      • Outdoor training for companies.
                      • Summer camps.
                      • Educational institutions end of year trips and all groups in general.
      • 24 hour information and customer service for travelers brought to you by Turisnat Pirineus Resort



"I sincerely hope that the following pages bring you the information that you need, to best use your leisure time and everything that the Pyrenees of Lleida Mountains, its beautiful and natural environment with the Noguera Pallaresa River, the Aigüestortes National Park, the Sant Maurici Lake have to offer us. Thank you very much and welcome to Turisnat Pirineus Resort".




Gilberto Díaz de la Fuente
General Manager


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